best performance

JG companies perfomed recognizable well in their flields of activities.

Field of Activities


JG is proud of its comprehensive know-how and many years of experience in Information Technology, Project and Quality Management as well as New Media.

We make targeted investments in innovative companies. If you don’t move with the times, the times will move you!

Innovative products and services from JG support companies in all manner of industries to react appropriately to a constantly changing array of challenges. Independent of size, we offer our clients bespoke solutions for their specific needs.

Field of Activities


Companies are facing new challenges: dwindling resources on the one hand and intensifying competition on the other. That means existing resources have to be deployed much more efficiently. Deadlines are drawing closer all the time, while budgets keep getting smaller and smaller.

We at JG are familiar with the situation, and so we invest in companies who offer individual training programs that are independent of time and place.

We also take part in projects where services are developed that support companies so that they can react to these challenges appropriately.

Corporate competence planning includes developing all employee’s knowledge and skills. That way the company can maintain its competitiveness and will remain profitable over the longer term.

Field of Activities

Real Estate

JG invests in real estate developments of different sizes in various countries. We work with selected partners on a case-by-case basis.

Field of Activities

Private Equity

Private equity is an investment class of JG
JG directly invest in aspiring companies by mainly providing capital for funding of new technology and market extension.